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19th of July

I painted 19th July to tell my own story about trying to seek asylum in Australia. Instead of finding safety, I was faced with the July 19th 2013 policy, of no hope in limbo, and told "You will never make Australia home".

In this painting the only thing which is in realism is ocean. Because everything that I experienced during my journey was based on lies, but the ocean was real and true.

With fences on both sides of the ocean, a woman is stuck behind the bars, watching the waves. The sun is brightening in her eyes and in front of her lips. The anchor has broken her heart, because she is stopped at the wrong place.

The hands coming out from the ocean reach for the sun, a symbol of warmth, to catch the freedom of getting to Australia. But instead of catching the sun, those people are drowning in the ocean.

With fire behind the fences, the spiral gets closer to itself, getting more alone and cloistered, until he sets himself on fire.

There are thoughts of making fire in the woman's mind, but also some brightness of the sun that shows that some hope still remains and stops her from making fire. In front of her face is an angry man who made the 19th July policy. His bruised face and his compressed teeth show how he hates the woman because she is an asylum seeker.

The 19th of July is the worst day of many people's lives.

19th JULY.jpg
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