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Directed by:

Elahe Zivardar & Jaydn Ray Gosselin

Memories take shape, as refugee, journalist, and architect ELAHE ZIVARDAR revisits six years of brutal detention by constructing a photo-realistic 3D simulation of Australia's OFFSHORE DETENTION CENTRE – a black site built in the world's smallest island nation and least visited country. Delving into the metaphysical significance of architecture, Elahe's search for justice becomes a profound rumination on the physical dimensions of torture, trauma, and healing.

AG_CAD design 2.png
AG_Light on graffiti wall.jpg

Resettled in the United States following a controversial "refugee swap," Elahe draws from the stark testimonies of other detainees and the largest trove of never-before-seen footage from inside the detention center to expose the facility, its architecture, and the amorality of the Border-Industrial Complex that profits at the expense of refugee and migrant incarceration. She must move through her lingering trauma to imagine a new kind of place that is the antithesis of the corporate detention center – a radically utopian space of healing, which she calls "Aramsayesh Gah. "​ARCHITECT (formerly SEARCHING FOR ARAMSAYESH GAH) is a hybrid documentary exposing the cruel, secret architecture of refugee detention.

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