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After fleeing Iran in an attempt to save my soul I ended up being swallowed up by the water when my boat, my vehicle to false freedom threw me into the deep, dark, blue-black ocean. Of course, I wasn’t welcomed by the ocean’s monsters! It was too difficult to get out of the boat’s ropes! It was Impossible to distinguish the ropes from the deep ocean forest.

I became the color of the ocean, and nothing could tell us apart. Everything happened in slow-motion, until time stopped.

The only things that I could see were the yellow eyes of the ocean’s monsters, sniffing the bubbles of my breath. Their hateful gaze had shiny sharp teeth that were chewing on my soul. I could hear a message in their eyes asking me “Why did you come to our home?”

Judgement speaks to my feelings about Australia’s offshore detention of asylum seekers, a policy that has cast adrift so many souls on Nauru & Manus islands.

Rhythm, repetition, ropes, drowning, entanglement, imminent death, piercing yellow eyes blaming me, blaming everyone escaping. It captured us in a dreamy nightmare atmosphere and devoured us as we were drifting, imprisoning us in the ocean for six years.

The Australian Government, with vicious sharp white teeth and a wicked grin, is the root of the evil!


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