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The Big Anxiety

Taking Care of Mental Health in Times of Crisis

By : Jill Bennett

Chapter 10 : Page 125

Resistance, Racism and decolonization

Manus Prison Theory and Nauru Imprison Exciles Collective

Omid Tofighian, Behruz Boochani,

Mira and Elahe Zivardar


Freedom, Only Freedom

The Prison Writings of Behrouz Boochani


Anthology Editors :

Behruz Boochani

Omid Tofighian, Moones Mansoubi

Part Six:
​“Journalism, Borders and Oppression:
The Nauru Context”

Elahe Zivardar and Mehran Ghadiri

More Posthuman Glossary.jpg

More Posthuman Glossary

(Theory in the New Humanities) Dec 2022

Anthology Editors :

Rosi Braidotti, Emily Jones, Goda Klumbyte

Page 83:
Nauru Imprison Exiles Collective

Elahe Zivardar, also known as Ellie Shakiba

with Mehran Ghadiri


Corpi reclusi in attesa di espulsione

(Italian edited collection)

Edited By :

Francesca Esposito, Emilio Caja, Giacomo Mattiello

A poem by Elahe Zivardar


Southerly 79.2:
Writing Through Fences

Archipelago of Letters

Written/Edited By :
Hani Abdile, Behrouz Boochani,
Janet Galbraith and Omid Tofighian



Concealed Borders by Elahe Zivardar

7 - Cages :

Ellie Shakiba / Elahe ZIvardar

"19th July"

9 - On the Record :

Ellie Shakiba / Elahe Zivardar


10 - Women Speak :

Ellie Shakiba / Elahe Zivardar



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