Purple pain

I am a woman, an artist and a former refugee from Iran, a country where women are classified as a second-class gender, second-class citizens and second-class residents of earth, by Iran’s regime and the patriarchal society. Purple pain is about the strength of these women in the face of this injustice, cruelty, discrimination and hate. They suffer a lot as a girl, a woman, a wife, a sister, a mom, but when they become weak and close to breaking down, they still keep moving gracefully, as if dancing. While they appear to dance, they keep giving birth of their love and power to everything and everyone. They are goddesses of love and strength. Purple pain embodies the reasons that women flee from oppression, including myself, only to be find other forms of oppression against women. It represents the start of the artistic journey that inspired my series of paintings on detention as a refugee woman in Nauru

Purple Pain